God Bless


Welcome to Paul Bowen The Lone StarJet.


I'm guitarist and singer with Belfast Punk-Pop band, The Starjets. Born back in the days of Punk, we're Punk-ish, we're Pop-ish, we're great live. Always were. People liked us. They still do. Starjets don't perform that often, but Paul Bowen The Lone Starjet... I never stop.


Bit more about me. I was guitarist with Irish Rock band, Thin Lizzy for almost 30 seconds. It's a long story. Became understudy to Irish Blues Rock legend, Rory Gallagher. Joined the Pogues offshoot, The Bucks, ended up as guest guitarist with Shane MacGowan's side project, The Popes.


Ireland. Belfast. The Troubles.


I grew up on the Falls Road, Belfast during The Troubles. That upbringing, in what was then the most dangerous city on earth, strongly influences my writing. But I also looked for inspiration in a world far from my war ravaged hometown. I looked to America; its landscape, cities, its culture, its peoples. This too, shows in my music. Check out 'My Little Belfast Friend', 'An Irishman In New York' on this site.


As The Lone Starjet, I play in a Celtic American style. But hey, regardless of any style, my Irish roots are always there... in my war stories, my Small Town America stories, my Belfast stories, my love stories. Check 'em out my friend. Check 'em out.